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It's June 2010 and I just moved to Austin, Texas...can't wait to share more scenes from here with you all :)

Hi, I'm Abby.
I'm a twenty something living in Portland, Oregon who obsessively photographs most things in my life. I share those photographs I like most here with you. I'm a self taught photographer who uses film cameras I've picked up in thrift shops over the years.
My main camera of the moment is a broken Yashica Tl Electro. I bought it at goodwill several years ago for $10 or $15. It's built like a tank and I love it.
Come visit me at my blog!
inspired by:

-awkward middle school memories
-recipes from the 1930's
-woody allen
-old timey boy scouts

Over here!


I run this little shop from my home in Portland, Oregon.
I try to package each order with care and attention to the small details.


I've delivered many orders to happy customers all over the world. If you are in any way unhappy with an order, let me know and we'll work something out. My main goal is to provide a little beauty!


Feel free to email me at abbypowellthompson(at)